The Power of We is a new podcast that explores personal journeys of sobriety, love, and success with mother-daughter duo, Samantha and Nicole Senia of Elite Home Staging, one of the top home-staging companies in the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Join Samantha and Nicole Senia as they discover the answers to the questions that women want to ask, (“How much wine is too much”, “What’s my path in life?”, “How can express gratitude?”) but are often too afraid to. 

Listen as they take a deep dive with celebrity guests to find out the tips and tricks to succeeding in life with strength, love, and hope. They will empower you to be the best you can be, strengthening not only your relationship with yourself, but with others. It’s a podcast that will help you discover your most authentic self.

“We have healed together through love and strength, through mutual respect and created an unconditional bond.”  – Samantha Senia, founder and owner of Elite Home Staging.

Samantha Senia founded Elite Home Staging in 2008 with an eye for aesthetics and a passion to create. The company grew to become one the premier home-staging companies, designing homes for multi-millionaire clients and branching out to Elite Maison, an online-retailer supplying beautifully crafted, luxury furniture. They owe their success to three mantras: knowing the client’s personal tastes, following the specific area’s geographical trends, and their superior customer support

Nicole, following in her mother’s footsteps, joined the business as a home stylist. They both work to help discover purposeful solutions for each of their challenges. 

Aside from creating the perfect environment for their clients, Samantha and Nicole are passionate about supporting other women in their successes, whether it’s their businesses or their personal journeys.

You can listen to the latest episode of The Power of We here, or from other podcast providers.