Samantha is a visionary who has always had an eye for aesthetics. Her entrepreneurial career began as a single mother wanting to create something for herself so that she could show her children that they could do anything they put their mind to. She then turned her passion for design into a profession.

After building and designing her own homes, Samantha was asked to stage an athlete’s multimillion-dollar home- and so began the foundation of Elite Home Staging.

Samantha Senia has been in the design business for over 14 years and prides herself in being a strong independent woman in the real estate industry. Nonetheless, she is a visionary and has worked for big names such as Kobe Bryant, Chris Brown, Justin Beiber and many more. She has a great eye for detail and can transform any home she walks into. With three different companies under her wing there isn’t one thing she can’t do. Her passion for design is what drives her though and she looks forward to making your house into your dream home.

Samantha’s quick and sustained success can be attributed to three primary factors: gaining a deep insight into her clients’ personal tastes, and in-depth knowledge of the specific area’s geographical trends and providing superior customer service by always going the extra mile to ensure each cent’s full satisfaction with the end result.