“Sophistication, style, and efficiency sell your home,” says owner and founder of Elite Home Staging, Samantha Senia.

Samantha is a visionary who has always had an eye for aesthetics. Her entrepreneurial career began as a single mom wanting to create something for herself so that she could show her children that they could do anything they put their mind to. She then turned her passion for design into a profession. After building and designing her own homes, Samantha was asked to stage an athlete’s multi­million-dollar home-and so began the foundation of Elite Home Staging.

Elite Home Staging was founded in 2008. It quickly grew to become one of the premiere home-staging companies in the greater Los Angeles area. Samantha’s quick and sus­tained success can be attributed to three primary factors: gaining a deep insight into her clients’ personal tastes, in-depth knowledge of the specific area’s geographical trends, and providing superior customer service by always going the extra mile to ensure each client’s fully satisfac­tion with the end result.

Samantha has taken Elite Home Staging from a home busi­ness to a firm with thousands of accomplished properties. She attributes this to a great team, hard work, persever­ance, and of course, her spiritual practice of meditation. Samantha’s experienced team of home stylists knows how to blend the right mix of each client’s personal taste with sophisticated styling. From real estate and residen­tial model homes to commercial relocation and vacation rentals, Samantha knows the ins and outs of what makes each type of listing shine. And as an added benefit to her clients, 99% of homes can be staged in a single day. No matter what kind of property staging you might need, Elite Home Staging will help you take it to the next level.

In addition, Samantha is about to launch a new division of her company called Elite Maison, where customers can purchase new furniture and home decor items specifically picked by Samantha directly from the website. This allows shoppers to take advantage of Samantha’s exceptional eye for design while purchasing beautiful furniture that can be delivered quickly-all at amazingly low prices.

Samantha is passionate about supporting other women in getting their careers off the ground and works with a charity donating furniture to a Los Angeles charitable organization.